Wednesday, February 16, 2011

--> Puisi: Terima Kasih Orang Besar


The political issues make me go insane. "Different people with different perspectives" yeahh! Right but some are just being bias. I read the government voters' paper and they are great in creating stories. I went for the opposition's side, they come up with different tale. People will never be satisfied. Here is a poem which resembles both parties' minds. 

Terima kasih orang besar
Gajikan kami
Agar kami tidak lapar

Terima kasih orang besar
Bina bangunan tinggi
Namun ada yang tiada bernasi

Terima kasih orang besar
Bina jalan raya
Agar kami ke sini ke sana

Terima kasih orang besar
Derma harta ke luar negara
Namun yang di sini masih sengsara

Terima kasih orang besar
Buat hubungan diplomatik
Agar kami hidup berstrategi

Terima kasih orang besar
Sokong penjajah
Namun kami hidup meludah

Is it nice? Is it true? Well...I wrote this from my own point of view. Doesn't that everyone has different perspective? lol

Just for laugh! Gelak la weyhh...

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


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berkunjung,, salam kenal

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