Tuesday, September 7, 2010

--> gloomy eid: i don't like it

salam akhir ramadhan

this year's eid
wont be the same like previous'

i was waiting for
i wasn't

several weeks ago
in my campus
i was enjoying the times; each & every moment
laughing, chatting, facebooking, even walking with friends

then i got back home here in perak
i am sooooo not feeling good...at all!
what person am i being now?!!!
i am supposed to be happy

but please...
don't jump to conclusion that fast

don't blame me
i have reasons for those acts

1st: my sister & brother won't be around this eid
2nd: my dad is not in a good condition like he used to
3rd: my baju raya! - zip it!

i hate this feeling
hate it so much!
i can't wait for this feeling to vanish
i can't waith for this feeling to disappear
i want my own happy feeling back!!!

i am sooooo glad and grateful
because holidays are short!
sorry guys...for this time being
i am happy with short holidays!!!

i hate this feeling
i hate this years' eid

ya Allah
please guide me through
please show me through
please make me patient
i can only rely on You

Hope you get it...till then, that is how