Wednesday, February 16, 2011

--> Puisi: The Best Unofficial Sister


Its hard for me to love an older girl! lol But yeah she's my sister. I can't describe how amazing she is.

I love the way you speak
I adore the moment you lead
I envy your spirit and I need

Thank you for making me awake
Thank you for every saying you said

I am thankful Allah allowed me to take
I am thankful He sent you for my days ahead

I am thankful you were there
When I was drown nowhere

You are like a sprite
But you out-did the light

The way you care is unbelievable
Its a mission which is impossible

I wish we were born from the same womb
But it's OK because our love blooms
And again I am really thankful
For God has sent me a great gift: YOU

Thank you sis. I still can live without you (lol) but my life won't be perfect as it is now. Thanks again for every piece you've given me. This poem is not enough to describe your qualities. I couldn't figure out the reason for crying over this poem but you are just amazing like the daffodils.  


Hope you get it...till then, that is how