Saturday, February 5, 2011

--> Puisi: The Highway


Perjalanan balik ke kampus tadi sangat lama dan memenatkan. Selalu hanya ambil masa lebih kurang 3 jam setengah dari Taiping ke KL, tapi kali ni 7 jam setengah. Can you imagine? The traffic was sucks and I couldn't think of anything except for writing poems and here is one of it! 

On the bus,
Silent next to the glass,
Wondering what to say,
When you couldn’t let your head lays.

On the bus,
Unable to move the numb feet,
The destination is still far to reach,
I couldn’t sleep.

On the bus,
Watching over sleeping people,
Surrounded by voices that come in seldom,
Still looking by the window.

On the bus,
The line of vehicles resembles the outcasts,
Wondering about the past,
The rain is pouring down high.

On the bus,
I am stressed and no one to talk
I want to wake up and hold the chalk
Write the word ‘bored’ 

Now you know how it feels like sitting on the slow moving bus and watching the trees along the road? However, it would be nice if you have partner sitting next to you to talk.

Love it? You sick!

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


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Nurul Syuhada Bt Hasri Best Blogger Tips said...


Seluar Terbang Best Blogger Tips said...

Moral of da story? Use train la after this. Can sleep on da bed~ XD

Aiman a.k.a. Rexcore Best Blogger Tips said...

asib baik aku blek naik kete...
bley wat giler sket...

.:rizaL:. Best Blogger Tips said...

Nurul Syuhada Bt Hasri:

Seluar Terbang:
yup maybe

Aiman a.k.a. Rexcore:
haha..ko mmg gile ahha

FH Best Blogger Tips said...

pergh. jalan kaki lagi laju kot. haha

AfiQ Best Blogger Tips said...

hayyyoooh!!!!!!!!!! sgt best anda nye poem, walaupon keadan lam bas tu x best! haahah

.:rizaL:. Best Blogger Tips said...

Fikiran kita sama. itulah yg sya mengadu kat kwn dlm bus smlm

ahha..thanks. sungguh x bst waktu tu

bella bellitos Best Blogger Tips said...

pki flight la dik oii..konpem cepat~

diamuslima Best Blogger Tips said...

huhuhu.. ingat sy sorg je yg terkandas dlm kesesakkan jalan raya.. huhuhu.. rupa2nya ade yg lagi lama.. sabo je la kan..

Anonymous Best Blogger Tips said...

mesti kebas segala2nya.. ^^
adat la tu kan.. :)

.:rizaL:. Best Blogger Tips said...

bella bellitos:
Flight xde, semua g Mesir la kak amek pljr Malaysia kat sana

memang sabo. dah habis sabo dah haha...lyn jela

.:rizaL:. Best Blogger Tips said...

nulhazwany abdul malik:
haha..kembas segala parts ahha