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Korang fikir la betul-betul, selak sejarah Empayar Islam...Penat aku buat ni...

The move was started by Prophet Muhammad S.A.W in Mecca. For 13 years, he only manged to attract 313 +- (I couldn't remember the exact number). However, the 313 people were so great and their aqidah were extraordinary! We are so not comparable at all to them but we could be like them if we have the courage, faith, and hardwork.

In Madinah, the daqwah by Prophet Muhammad S.A.W and the other friends worked successfully. More than 120000 people reverted to Islam. Alhamdulillah. They finally realized about the true religion which is blessed by Allah - Islam. We should be grateful to Allah because we were born as Muslims. Compared to the Muslims those days, they went through lots of hardships, obstacles and excruciating pains and tortures in order to seek for the truth.

Khulafa Ur-Rasyiddin - Saidina Abu Bakar, Saidina Umar Al-Khattab, Saidina Uthman Affan and Saidina Ali bin Abi Talib. They are the legend in the history of Empire of Islam. There are so many interesting  histories during this empire. You can bing them.

Muawiyyah was the responsible individual to start the era of Ummaiyyah. He was the khalifah during this time and he put on great effort in spreading the knowledge about Islam to the entire world. Kabul, Spain and Multan were among the countries they managed to conquer. 

Bani Abbasiyyah. Empire of Islam were on top and all other small empires were at stake to tumble. Baghdad was opened and it was famous for the sources of knowledge. More and more people were attracted to come to Baghdad to learn the new knowledge regarding medical especially (Do you know ibn Sina?). There were more that half of million books available that time. The algebra (if you still remember Math) was criticality designed by Al-Khawarizmi. Mongol armies destroyed Baghdad and all books were used to make bridge and so, the knowledge gone.

During the empire of Turki Uthmaniyyah, Constantinople (today known as Istanbul) was taken over by Sultan Muhammad Al-Fatih. You should know more about him because he was the person Prophet Muhammad mentioned in one of the hadiths. Dialah sebaik-baik raja dan tenteranya adalah sebaik-baik tentera. The story behind his success are incredibly interesting! Bing it people.

Adakah kau lupa
Kita pernah berjaya
Adakah kau lupa
Kita pernah berkuasa

Memayungi dua pertiga dunia
Merentas benua melayar samudera
Keimanan juga ketaqwaan
Rahsia mereka capai kejayaan

Bangunlah wahai anak bangsa
Kita bina kekuatan jiwa
Tempuh rintangan perjuangan

Gemilang generasi yang silam
Membawa arus perubahan
Keihlasan hati dan nurani
Ketulusan jiwa mereka berjuang

Sejarah telah mengajar kita
Budaya Islam di serata dunia
Membina tamadun berjaya
Merubah mengangkat maruah

P/s: Nantikan lebih banyak cerita mengenai sejarah Islam...InsyaAllah...Semoga perkongsian ini dapat memberi ikhtibar kepada kita semua. And of course enything bad comes from me and all the good ones come from Allah.

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


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Farouk Harun Best Blogger Tips said...

A good and insightful thing to share.. =)

.:rizaL:. Best Blogger Tips said...

Farouk Harun:

Madre Amor Best Blogger Tips said...

Bagus entry ini, Ijai. Ummi tunggu cerita selanjutnya.

.:rizaL:. Best Blogger Tips said...

Madre Amor:
insyaAllah..cerita selanjutnya akan datang

+++~Agent of Miracle~+++™ Best Blogger Tips said...

seems familiar the chart/pyramid/diagram...
usrah abg arif sem2, 2010???

anyways, thumbs up for the good job, and i will link ur post to one of my new post soon~

.:rizaL:. Best Blogger Tips said...

+++~Agent of Miracle~+++™:
I prefer the term diagram rather than pyramid. U know y.
And this diagram is my own idea when i was on the net reading islamic materials.

+++~Agent of Miracle~+++™ Best Blogger Tips said...

anyways, i saw abg arif drawing this in the surau white board back then, so i kinda understand what this is all about (well, most of it :))
anyways, good job~

.:rizaL:. Best Blogger Tips said...

+++~Agent of Miracle~+++™:
yea.....btw this diagram looks the same everywhre cuz it is a fact. thanks. u should've attend the ISK n IPK. they discussed the same issue. n this diagram indeed was drwan

Airil Azmei(Sky EagLe) Best Blogger Tips said...

info yg sngt onformatif..haha...thanks for sharing ^.^

.:rizaL:. Best Blogger Tips said...

Airil Azmei(Sky EagLe):
u r most welcome