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I've been through the net and i found a few random facts about Korean celebrities. Most of us know that Korean entertainment industry produces many band/group and actors every year. Most of the groups consist of more than five member. I wit be wondering how would they survive because they have to divide the earnings.  

I love a few Korean band like Super Junior, SNSD and SS501. Do you guys know that not all of the members earn the same? Some of them earn more compare to the rest. It is due to the CF (advertising), acting and a few other activities.

Let see who's famous among the group member these groups.

Super Junior:

Lee Donghae: Prince of Tears
Eventhough Leetuk is the leader but Dongahe has his own part of charming. His small body makes him looks very young and sweet. He will cry over everything. You can search for it on YouTube. He did many CF after Kim Bum, one of the SuJu member. Donghae also is an amazing athlete and song writer. He wrote the official song for Star King show. 

Choi Siwon: The Gentleman 
His gentlemanliness makes people so close to him. He has his own styles on waving, drinking, sitting, and they are all Copyright. lol. His trademarks him to be know for good. According to Lee Donghae, Siwon will drink coffee all alone every morning while reading the bible and sing a jazz song but the only word he'll be singing is 'Someday'. 


Yoona: The Girl Next Door
This girl next door is so sweet and funny. Her smile will strike your your deep to the bottom. When I first saw her face, I was like, "She looks so pure and untouch!" lol. I never thought a girl with this kind of face still exist in this world. She look totally innocent. You can search on web about her evolution! Yes! she grew a lot! Oops!

Taeyon: Great & Charming MC
I love this girl from the first sight. At least on of the girls I love the most in SNSD. She's cute, small eyes and like to joke around. She's one of the MCs in the show Win Win. The show is great and I've watched a few episodes. She's also the leader of SNSD and she earns a lot too! Basically, I love her cheek the most because it looks like dough. lol!


Kim Hyun Joong: The Sweet Smile 
Korean fans must already knew that he is the most famous among all the members. He's the leader and he starred in many commercials. He is also one of the most famous celebrities in Korea! I love his acting in Boys Over Flower where he was holding the role as Yoon Ji Hoo, an autism guy, sweet, silent and love to sleep. Yeah, he looks like one too in reality! (Based on his expression)

So KPop fans, leave your comments! Saranghae. 

Check this link too!

p/s: don't be too obsess with entertainment!

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


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NuR HiDaYaH aka Miss Vieya Best Blogger Tips said...

taeyon is mine fav singer ! haha . .So Nyuh Shi Dae ! is the best group in the world ! but i not really like yoona after i knew she had a scandal with nickhun ! i hate khunna coz i am fan of khuntoria . .haha . .anyway . yoona look totally innocent and really cute . .

.:rizaL:. Best Blogger Tips said...

NuR HiDaYaH aka Miss Vieya:
hehe..obsess neyh..ahha.. I dont like any 2PM members ...haha...but they r sure funny..yes! i like taeyon the best too

bella bellitos Best Blogger Tips said...

donghae!!! xtahan...dik oii where is my kyuhyun??? adoyaiii..

NuR HiDaYaH aka Miss Vieya Best Blogger Tips said...

haha . . ofcourse mmg obses . . dulu ta minat pun korea2 nih . . but since i watched WE GOT MARRIED ,and the SNSD first perfomance . . tros minat sgt . . huhu . . .
sometime just jenguk2 la my blog . .its nothing . . but just for fun . huhu . . . .

FaizFizy39 Best Blogger Tips said...

haha. boleh tahan gak korean nih ek. tapi kenapa la tak lut dekat KPOP... huhu. x brape nak masuk

.:rizaL:. Best Blogger Tips said...

bella bellitos:
he has a nice voice but whatevr hahaha

NuR HiDaYaH aka Miss Vieya:
same la..xmint korea gak..tgk sekadar pgetahuan..ahha..dah tgk blog awk tu

ntah juga ambil masa nk minat korean stuffs hhaa

aliefcmoi Best Blogger Tips said...

aku suka korea gak..suka kat rambut diaorg..style2..suka2..kadang2 try gak nak tiru..hahah..awk,,nice blog u have..kalau awk free,dtg la blog saya..kalau sudi follow la..alief dah follow follow me back..saya tunggu kedatangn bro...thanx bro..

.:rizaL:. Best Blogger Tips said...

thanks..dah follow pun...dtg slalu..aku dahh add ko puny link blog kat list bwh tu hehe thanks

Izz Hyunji aka B2ST's B2utY Best Blogger Tips said...

well~ me for once say no to SNSD~ sorry rizal. SM TOWN's product aren't really my passion anymore. It ends with TVXQ (the five members) now, I only look at CUBE's Family', YG Family' and JYP Nation' s products. Though they earn the most, (The U mention above) but for me, I'll say Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, Heechul, Shindong, Sunny, Yuri and Seohyun contribute a lot. for SS501, Hyunjoong ist the most contributer, accompanied by Jungmin and their maknae Hyungjoon. that's my opinion though~ Love that KPOP is known now hehee~

.:rizaL:. Best Blogger Tips said...

@Izz Hyunji aka B2ST's B2utY Haha..why why why? ahha..nvrmind...we have our own point of view :)