Monday, January 17, 2011

--> My Hectic Sports Schedule


I have no idea how to describe my schedule lately cuz there are thousands of things to complete. Can you imagine how life could be when you have tons of responsibilities towards your surrounding? I have literature to study, MUET to sit, sports to play and classes to attend.

My life is miserable...or not because I enjoy every moment of doing sports. 

Badminton, Tennis, Netball, Swimming & Volleball...they're all counted in. Currently I'm enjoying my volleyball activity very much. Seniors & juniors are always be at the court and ready to gear up every single day. How great ha? I can't live without volleyball and that is for sure. I've been playing volleyball since I was a high school freshman. I may not be an expert but at least I can play right? And my spirit will never be faded.  The badminton schedule comes at night usually and weekend every week. I've been playing with the same people - my classmate and another college mates.  

Sports are good people, yeah! Instead of sitting in front of your laptop and been exposed to the radiation 24/7 (ok I'm not a science teacher but an English teacher to be), you should put sport on top of the list. Isn't it? I know I'm

Let's play a game!

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


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nazrul ashraff Best Blogger Tips said...

haha..netball?? how was it??

djemari recycles artikel free Best Blogger Tips said...

hello..singgah sini.. i follow u.. u follow me back ya.

.:rizaL:. Best Blogger Tips said...

nazrul ashraff:
netbal is good. i usually play basketball evnthough im a small doesnt make any diff

djemari recycles artikel free:
ok..thanks ya

Azham Vosovic Best Blogger Tips said...

Good news is, we don't have GERKO for this semester! Will have that all in our second year at UPM>...

.:rizaL:. Best Blogger Tips said...