Monday, January 3, 2011

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The ears are set
Somebody is coming back
A person who has nothing lack

Burdens are waiting
For that somebody
To learn and to teach

He is a handsome guy
He learned how to fly
He is Rizal

Owh! you know him?
Of course! He writes iGossip
For you guys to read

Someone says he is suck!
But does he care enough?
No! Yet he still can laugh

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


3 Gossips/Comments:

matseN Best Blogger Tips said...

you know what???
this is what we call angkat bakul sendiri...haha

Anonymous Best Blogger Tips said...

dah letak lah u punye blog kat my bloglist.. :) since the day you dropped the comment, i letak dah.. ade je kat kategori nate archibald tu.. :)

.:rizaL:. Best Blogger Tips said...

matsen: haha...punya suka tuan punya blog lah.haha

queen f; yup..baru tgk,,,terbaik la kwn...xoxo