Saturday, January 22, 2011

--> Weird Rituals & Festivals


When you talk about ritual, it is more to refer as the tradition or an event that has taken place for time that being passed from the older generation. Some of the ritual are very creepy and it is not exaggerate to be defined as violent and mean.  

Hounen Matsuri Fertility Festival, Japan© zozo2k3
 - There are many ways to make you fertile and this festival is just too weird. Japanese however do believe in that so...enjoy!...haha...IVF might not be necessary at all.

Phuket Vegetarian Festival, Thailand ©
 - During this period, you can't eat meat for nine days in a row. Women are also involved in this so-called festival...i can't imagine my beautiful mouth filled with knives and spears. How about you? haha

Udappu Firewalking, Sri Lanka ©
- Do you know the song 'Never Say Never'? The OST of Karate Kid sang by Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith. There is one line mentioned "I'd never thought that I could walk through fire"...Imagine if JB knows this ceremony...haha

Why did I create this entry? haha...good question! Because i'm studying literature and this time is the short story of 'The Lottery' by Shirley Jackson. You should read it and judge it! uuuuuuuuuuuuu...

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


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Azham Vosovic Best Blogger Tips said...

I think Diba is involved in the last ritual...heheh

.:rizaL:. Best Blogger Tips said...

Azham Vosovic:
ok..but y?

Amalina Sulaiman Best Blogger Tips said...

aku nak like comment azham!!! minty pon like sbb dia sambot!!! hahahahahaha

.:rizaL:. Best Blogger Tips said...

Amalina Sulaiman:
motif sgt kan?

Miss Zati (^___^) Best Blogger Tips said...

aku nk like komen azham n leen... eh2.. azham involved skali laa ritual tu.... hee~

.:rizaL:. Best Blogger Tips said...

Miss Zati (^___^):
haha...ko pun involve skali kot..? ahha

Miss Zati (^___^) Best Blogger Tips said...

cisss... kne plak ak..hahaha...

.:rizaL:. Best Blogger Tips said...

Miss Zati (^___^):
haha...pdn muka

tulus sweet Best Blogger Tips said...

tak fahamlah manusia ni.

.:rizaL:. Best Blogger Tips said...

tulus sweet:
kan? xfhm2