Wednesday, August 25, 2010

--> August 25th: My Birthday


August 25th 2010 was my sweet 19th birthday and this year was a bit different. Why? Because i got the chance to celebrate it with my besties here in my campus. Previous years i just couldn't because each time of that particular date it must be the public holiday. Thanks Allah for this year celebration i had. 

As usual, it is just the custom to be pranked by friends and i wasn't excluded. Even though i knew what they were about to do, i just enjoyed the moment. They put all the 'ingredients' on top of my head.

The ingredients: Flour, eggs, mango pickles, tomato sauce, soya sauce, water and so many other things

The evil chefs: Amirul, Eizhar, Ikram, Ijat, Fizur and Imran

The smell? You better wish you wouldn't smell it. lol. My hair was like damn smelly but it was quite awesome. lol. Thanks to all for wishing me, for giving me the presents and thanks for the huggings as well. Luv 'em so much. Thanks for everything! Including for being incredibly great friends of mine

Last night...

I went to Abg Ijat's room. Talking, transferring movies and something caught my attention when he said,

"a birthday card is way more precious than presents
because i could read it again and again"
                                                                                          (Ijat, 2010)

Then it made me thinking it's totally true and he has many!

Here are some memorable captures
 of that precious day

cute la sangat tu...

don't stand close to me

my presents

My lovely cute adorable barbados (pink one) - farah mirul leen rina lam
Secrets recipe cakes - yaya
Snikers & crispy - fiqah

white almond choc - eizhar
lollipop - aman
stationaries - hong yeng

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


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Aisy Ishvan Best Blogger Tips said...

uit2... my name is there... haha.. thanx adik !

budak_baek^_^ Best Blogger Tips said...

yeay...suke post ni sgt2..XD

.:rizaL:. Best Blogger Tips said...

Aisy Ishvan:
hehe same2..awk jahat haha

.:rizaL:. Best Blogger Tips said...

hehe thanks