Tuesday, August 17, 2010

--> The Short Story of a Cute Bear


Once upon a time,
lived a cute bear named Doffie

She was so cute, the cutest in the jungle,
the heir to the throne of King Bear

His father was damn rich; the owner of Bear Grrrr King
a nice and humble king as well

One day, Doffie would like to buy a car
She wanted a BMW
Her father bought it, but she crashed it

The next day,  Doffie would like to buy a house
She wanted her own castle
Her father built  one to her, but she destroyed it

The next few days, Doffie would like to go to Paris for shopping
She wanted 1 Million Euro and her father gave his credit card but she spent all the money

One sunny day, Doffie wanted to get married
She wanted a handsome prince and her father found one
but there was a surprise

Who was his husband?
A bee and the prince

Because of the the pressure and stressful life, Doffie kept eating days & night
Her husband became thinner and thinner because his kingdom and himself 
can't provide more honey anymore

his husband died
and now
if you open Doffie's facebook
you'll see

Relationship Status:

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


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