Monday, August 30, 2010

--> i am changing


i am changing..yes!!! it's true
if before this i was a caterpillar
now i'm changing to be a butterfly

it's a whole new world i live in
it's a whole new world to see
it's a whole new place
with a new brand attitude

these days
i've been thinking so many things
i've been living my life with sins
now it is time for me to change
and i know i got the guts to do so

people around me 
they live their life
with however ways they want to
and they are my strength to change

i talked to someone
it was two days ago
he is a very nice guy who were willing to spend time
listened to my story and problems
he advised me with totally spirit-burning words
based on Islamic sight
i could totally listen to you
thank you for that

yes! i believe i can change!

for those who saw me act differently lately
i don't mad at you
i just want to change
and to complete the transition
i will keep my profile down
no more happy-go-lucky guy
like you used to know
but i am still loving you

i am afraid
they way i socialize with people 
will drag me to sinful acts
hands touching hands
i am afraid Allah will punish me for those acts
but still
i know Allah will forgive us (all ummah)
sesunggguhnya Dia Maha Pengampun & Penerima taubat

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


3 Gossips/Comments:

K.Diah Best Blogger Tips said...

Subhanallah,im proud to have a sahabah like u. u'r chosen by Allah to CHANGE. It's not as easy as expected to get Hidayah n Taufiq from Allah. Alhamdulillah,let's pray hard so dat our sahabah also can get pleasure from the nikmat of iman n islam. I support ur jihad, ya akhi. keep on praying....U'r the chosen 1

.:rizaL:. Best Blogger Tips said...

timakasih kak diah... thanks 4 da advice as well...& thanks 4 visiting my blog:)

tnal_gaga Best Blogger Tips said...

hop istiqamah dlm melaksanekannyer...:)