Thursday, August 12, 2010

--> atok, i miss you



i miss you
a lot

i wasn't very close to you
u've gone where i was eight

people are telling me about
how close they are
with their grannies

i have nothing to tell them back
i have no memories within our times together
i was smiling when they told me theirs
i was laughing when they told me
how they were behaving when they were kids
and their grandmas played with them

but inside
i was crying
i hid it! i hid it atok
why you left me without any memory?

i wished i could recall
what we had together
but i couldn't
because i can't even remember

i felt like i never know you
as my grandma, as my friend
like what my friends are always telling me

its sweet
to extract the juices from a fruit
but my fruit is no longer pickable  
it ripes and then rottens in seconds

what bothers me about you

i was there
when you were almost gone
i saw the pain in your eyes
it was excruciating
but i couldn't understand
because i was very young

i was there
watched your sons and daughters
cleaned up your dirts
lifted your body up
so that you could taste the foods
so that you could feel the chillness of waters

but still
i can't be sad
i wasn't mature enough

i wish
i hope
Allah will give me chance
to know you more
in my DREAMS

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


2 Gossips/Comments:

Azham Vosovic Best Blogger Tips said...

hurm, Ijai, I am missing my Grandma. time passes by but I still can't get to see her. She's still being warded but I hope that I can see her when I get back home. have all those lovely people around you, and you should be happy with that...

Amalina Sulaiman Best Blogger Tips said...

sabo je le rizal...nasib masing2,,,nenek aku pun tak bape nak sihat cam dulu2...semua akan merasa kehilangan satu ari nanti...