Sunday, July 8, 2012

--> iBlogger: Fatin Lea & Drawing Block


Fatin Lea is my classmate and she love drawing so much! She said;

"I am just a girl with interest in good comedy, beauty if  relationship and humorous sarcasm. Also love drawing and writing and reading...things. Irl (in real life), I am quiet and quite the wallflower. Am trying not to be too much of that now" - Fatin Lea
Rizal Sadiman
Rizal Sadiman
Rizal Sadiman
Aren't they cute? Definitely!  
Rizal Sadiman
This is Xiaxue, her favorite blogger. 

You know that I have this passion in doodle but she is obviously can do better than me. My doodles are craps even though from my views they are the cutest doodles ever lol. To end this, I would like to dedicate massive thank you for drawing me; Oh! Rizal, you are so very good-looking! haha.

Hope you get it...till then, that is how