Saturday, July 7, 2012

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I know...tajuk nak gempak je kan?

Now that I have your attention, I would like you guys to read the funny story below :) I am sure that you'll laugh to death! No kidding. Are you ready...?
Rizal Sadiman
Afterall, I think men will always be men...not that I'm saying men are going for that 'matter' in the first place when they look at women but you know...haha. I have no idea how to put it in words; I'm afraid that this situation will be even more awkward.

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


4 Gossips/Comments:

ah^kam_koko' Best Blogger Tips said...

Not all men are that shallow la~~
It was just a joke.

Some men like big asses instead.

Rizal Sadiman Best Blogger Tips said...

@ah^kam_koko' haha sure...
diff men think differently :)
for me i look for pretty face, not cute but pretty LOL

Azham Vosovic Best Blogger Tips said...

kah kah kah...this is very funnayh!!!

Rizal Sadiman Best Blogger Tips said...

@Azham Vosovic so i guess u love it . . .