Monday, December 20, 2010

--> Your Url Story Contest


bace je entry cik mera ni
tros zass aku nak join

you guys can refer the details on her own page

*click the picture to link straight to the blogger's page

there are things that i have to do:

1. an entry? CHECKED!
2. the banner? CHECKED!
3. the story? hold on...below are the details
4. tag? wait...


why the name of my url is


gossip is subjective
people may get it wrong as soon as they see the word gossip
stuff like "ahhh..this page must be about celebs and all"
will right away crosses readers attention

however my page is different
i put iGossip because i want my blog to be known
because blogging is my desire
my psyche already been attached to it
 my soul has been registered! haha
since people nowaday
are crazy bout GaGa, Bieber, KPop & Swift
they will look up for some 'GOSSIP' on the net
when they type gossip on the google search box link hopefully will be out..hehe
so...hopefully again they will read

but note you guys!
i do write about celebs too!


Hope you get it...till then, that is how


1 Gossips/Comments:

mera zati M.z Best Blogger Tips said...

amboi gitu citernye.. :P
haha, btw tq join cukk!
nanti tggu update..
n akuh pun otw join ko nye contest nih..