Wednesday, December 1, 2010

--> the feedback for Kapten Airil

salam all

i've been shot by Kapten Airil
and i need to answer the Qs
so check 'em out

Sila jelaskan kenapa anda suka berbelog? can read the reason from my previous post...
blogging also for me is a cool thing rather than spending time nowhere and smoking continuesly
you can write anything! you name it! whatever the things are, you have the right
you've registered! lol

Apa motif anda tarik follower? Anda SUPERSTAR kah?

well urmm...takde la DIVA sgt kan...haha but it's cool to have followers!
they can comment your posts and click the nuffnang

Cerita sikit perangai anda:

people around me do know who Rizal really is...i'm a happy-go-lucky person
smile, smile, and smile
talk, talk, and talk
yeah! that's me (ala ala That's so Raven gitueee) lol

Pernah terfikir nak masuk magazine aka meuar-uarkan belog anda? Kenapa?

haruslah!!! takkan tak pernah kot...tabloid lagi bagus...haha (cheap publicity) 
i'd like people to recognize me...yes! that is my central!
because i want to be someone famous! sangat la Disney kan cita-cita aku ni? haha

Sila tembak blogger lain:

takde M16 la..huhu...

Hope you get it...till then, that is how,


2 Gossips/Comments:

Amalina Sulaiman Best Blogger Tips said...

gediks arr ko nyah nk msk tbloid lak...huhuhu

Airil Azmei(Sky EagLe) Best Blogger Tips said... day u will be famous..but nver lupekn kwn2 ko ni ye,...haha