Wednesday, March 16, 2011

--> The SMARTER you get, The DUMBER you be


The SMARTER you get, The DUMBER you be

Okay...the title may sound so stupid but it's true. I'm sick of the people of this kind; Mr&Ms-know-it-all. They act like they have all the facts right under their noses but the truth is they aren't. The facts about this people are...I know you'd be agreed!

1. They are ANNOYING

2. They like to INTERRUPT

3. They are just PLAIN STUPID

4.  They don't know the term EMPATHY

5. They make decision without REASONING

There are hundreds more that I can list here but whatever. I rather leave them behind because I know you smart readers know this particular type of people. Am I being too emotional now? Yes I do. The moment I see this one face my blood will rise more than the optimal level. Oh god, I just hate this feeling. Please guide me through this.

You think you're smart enough? Mark my word, HELL NO!

People, have you ever been crossing or befriend with this kind of creatures? Because if you're, it would be the best move to stay away from them. They're contagious! Believe me and I ain't kidding. Please leave me your responses if you're in the same boat. Share with me and release the tense you're carrying on your back now. This entry might be useful for some of you and yes, at least somebody pointed it out. Thanks to Sir Rizal. lol.

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


4 Gossips/Comments:

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman Best Blogger Tips said...

I've experienced being around people who think they know everything...they are annoying, that's for sure...

Unknown Best Blogger Tips said...

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman:
OMG! I cant believe you wrote in my comment box. Thanks a lot Nabil. I'v been waiting for this moment for sooo Oh ya! couldnt agree more. Sometime feel like punching their face

gwen velora Best Blogger Tips said...

may i know which one? not directly for sure. u give me the code2 la.. hehe :)

Unknown Best Blogger Tips said...

gwen velora:
Thats the secret i'll never tell :)