Friday, March 4, 2011

--> Fact: Baby by Bieber on YouTube


This is a very short entry. Basically to inform or just to make you realize the fact behind the most-viewed video on YouTube. Ready? Lets take a closer look!

Justin Bieber rocks the world people!

People are viewing his video trillion times!

...and see how many of us like it? you love him for real? Love as in hate? Wondering...Poor Bieber but I am neutral boy. Don't worry...I love every songs made for you (meaning? lol)

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


6 Gossips/Comments:

Anonymous Best Blogger Tips said...

berperasaan biasa2 shja dgn budak justin nih...

but..medically speaking..all his songs are awesome..


-->syuhada (mls nak sign in)hehe

Unknown Best Blogger Tips said...

terima kasih ats smgt nk komen tu hehe..

Nazrul Ashraff Best Blogger Tips said...

lagu dia dengan jaden smith gempak habisan!

Unknown Best Blogger Tips said...

nazrul ashraff:
xsuka sgt lagu tu..hehe

Zaza Best Blogger Tips said...

omg!!! x pernah pulak saye perasan bile bukak lagu tuh!
Poor Justin!
Ha! Ha!

Unknown Best Blogger Tips said...

haha...kan? tgk la vide