Friday, March 4, 2011

--> Rumah Pelik / Weird House


I've always dreamed a perfect house with a wide green lawn surrounded by the yellow and white roses. OMG! This sounds so girlish! A man should have never think this far (but why not?). However, I went for a short netwalking and guess what? I found this cool stuff - an upside-down house which is extraordinary. The greatest part is the structure itself as it is so cool, I mean beyond cool. 

Can I get this for my birthday?

Nak sangat rumah macam ni. Nampak macam jauh dari kesibukan kota raya Kuala Lumpur ni. Booooooooooo ayat poyo nak mampus kan? Cut it. Back to my businesss, I want this so badly and as if I'm some kind of a billionaire. 

Kat mana rumah ni?
This house is situated in Poland and the architect is Daniel Czapiewski on July 31, 2007. This could be a bizarre attraction! It took 114 days to complete the whole building work - sekejap je rupanya. Tak sampai empat bulan pun kan? So guys, how's your dream house would be like? Share la brader...

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Hope you get it...till then, that is how


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Nazrul Ashraff Best Blogger Tips said...

haha..sumpah rumah ni gila..

Unknown Best Blogger Tips said...

nazrul ashraff:
mana ada gila. pelik je