Tuesday, March 15, 2011

--> I Made My Mom Cried


Talking about mother sometimes makes us cry especially for things that much related to us. Something like love and care she has given without even asking for the reply. This morning, I made my mom felt sad and I felt like killing myself for that matter.

I am sorry.
I am a bad son.
I did wrong.
I am so sorry.
Hope you'll forgive me for everything I've said.
I want you bless.
And I know I happen to fail the exam, it's all because of today's incident. 
Forgive your only son...please...I'm begging you.

To all of you, please...do not ever make your mom or or dad feel sad of your doings. I was being a jerk and I regretted it. Please pray for my mom to forgive me. Yes, I've heard her mouth said 'I forgive you' but how about her true heart? Only The One knows.

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


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Ibu Ammar Best Blogger Tips said...

saya harap, saya tidak menyakiti ibu saya.

tapi no doubt. saya terkadang rasa jauh hati. Ya Allah, tenangkan hati saya.

Madre Amor Best Blogger Tips said...

Ijai, there is no mother on earth that would never forgive their children no matter how big the mistake that the children had done. just so u know, u have to learn how to take care of ur mother's heart. women's hearts are a bit more fragile compared to men's especially after they become mothers. they are more sensitive towards their children's attitudes n behaviours.

Anonymous Best Blogger Tips said...

ko merepek ape ni

CahayaSyuhada Best Blogger Tips said...

poie mintak maap....


even i alwyas do the same...


CahayaSyuhada Best Blogger Tips said...

lupe nak ckap se ag..

phewwitt cantek header.... :))

Unknown Best Blogger Tips said...

Alexandriana Alia:
sama2 kita berdoa ye..thanks mwlawat

Unknown Best Blogger Tips said...

Madre Amor:
Thanks ummi. it measn so much to me. I'll behave next time

Unknown Best Blogger Tips said...

aku tak merepek

Unknown Best Blogger Tips said...

Nurul Syuhada Bt Hasri:
Will do..thanks ya..header cntik? biase2 je hehe

aLieF si Muncung ManiS Best Blogger Tips said...

saya pun janji takkan menyakiti ibu bapa saya...saya janji...!!! huhu

Unknown Best Blogger Tips said...

aLieF si Muncung ManiS:
thanks...jgn janji je tauuu

Airil Azmei Best Blogger Tips said...

aq doakn mama ko btl2 maafkan ko...smile ^.^

Unknown Best Blogger Tips said...

Airil Azmei(Sky EagLe):
Owh...thanks 4 dat matter