Monday, August 30, 2010

--> the right path


this is a short entry

i've chosen the right path
to change
to make a different in my own life

i won't regret
of what i am doing now
and i will keep on changing

people can say whatever they want
they can treat me the way they like
but i would never look back

Allah has given me this chance
He opens my heart to the best path
He gave me people to guide me through

where i'm standing now
is where i'm going to start my new journey of life
InsyaAllah everything will be just fine

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


--> i am changing


i am changing..yes!!! it's true
if before this i was a caterpillar
now i'm changing to be a butterfly

it's a whole new world i live in
it's a whole new world to see
it's a whole new place
with a new brand attitude

these days
i've been thinking so many things
i've been living my life with sins
now it is time for me to change
and i know i got the guts to do so

people around me 
they live their life
with however ways they want to
and they are my strength to change

i talked to someone
it was two days ago
he is a very nice guy who were willing to spend time
listened to my story and problems
he advised me with totally spirit-burning words
based on Islamic sight
i could totally listen to you
thank you for that

yes! i believe i can change!

for those who saw me act differently lately
i don't mad at you
i just want to change
and to complete the transition
i will keep my profile down
no more happy-go-lucky guy
like you used to know
but i am still loving you

i am afraid
they way i socialize with people 
will drag me to sinful acts
hands touching hands
i am afraid Allah will punish me for those acts
but still
i know Allah will forgive us (all ummah)
sesunggguhnya Dia Maha Pengampun & Penerima taubat

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


Sunday, August 29, 2010

--> bday for j.a


August 29th 2010
someone's birthday
one of my close friends i would say

here is  a poem
specially made for you
originally written by me

dear jaazli
or so called j.a by me
and famously known as jay-z
whatever it is
you are still jaazli

dear jaazli
he was pranked during his sweet 19th
he was was almost crying
because we his friends threw flour all over his body
whatever it is
you are still jaazli

dear jaazli
i hope you are happy
wishing you a happy life and everything
now you are already 19
but note yourself, you are still a kid
whatever it is
you are still jaazli

the e.n.d

these are some pranky captures of the day

cute flour boy

see da comra
tasty cake made by us (lying!!)lol

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


Saturday, August 28, 2010

--> after three days


jeng jeng jeng

after three days of what?
my birthday lorgh

i got a call from this guy
he called me
texted me
asked me to take something
outside of his room

he wasn't around
he went out with big sis

after i came back from surau
& i was about to grab some drinks

i went to his room
took whatever he asked me to do
it was a surprise

a birthday present & birthday card

thanks a lot jat!

mind u, choc is currently finished!hehe

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

--> August 25th: My Birthday


August 25th 2010 was my sweet 19th birthday and this year was a bit different. Why? Because i got the chance to celebrate it with my besties here in my campus. Previous years i just couldn't because each time of that particular date it must be the public holiday. Thanks Allah for this year celebration i had. 

As usual, it is just the custom to be pranked by friends and i wasn't excluded. Even though i knew what they were about to do, i just enjoyed the moment. They put all the 'ingredients' on top of my head.

The ingredients: Flour, eggs, mango pickles, tomato sauce, soya sauce, water and so many other things

The evil chefs: Amirul, Eizhar, Ikram, Ijat, Fizur and Imran

The smell? You better wish you wouldn't smell it. lol. My hair was like damn smelly but it was quite awesome. lol. Thanks to all for wishing me, for giving me the presents and thanks for the huggings as well. Luv 'em so much. Thanks for everything! Including for being incredibly great friends of mine

Last night...

I went to Abg Ijat's room. Talking, transferring movies and something caught my attention when he said,

"a birthday card is way more precious than presents
because i could read it again and again"
                                                                                          (Ijat, 2010)

Then it made me thinking it's totally true and he has many!

Here are some memorable captures
 of that precious day

cute la sangat tu...

don't stand close to me

my presents

My lovely cute adorable barbados (pink one) - farah mirul leen rina lam
Secrets recipe cakes - yaya
Snikers & crispy - fiqah

white almond choc - eizhar
lollipop - aman
stationaries - hong yeng

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


Friday, August 20, 2010

--> Tale Of an Idiot


this is just a tale of an idiot
don't get me wrong 
because i am not talking about anyone
here is a girl
she is so dumb
she goes to school 
but she sits in the dumbest class

here is a girl
she is so stupid
she goes to swimming pool
but she drowns with no help

here is a girl
she is so moron
she goes to Paris
but she loses her passport

here is a girl
she has no brain
she knows that Elvis Presley had died
but she wants to buy the ticket to his concert

finally the girl becomes a women
she is no more
a dummy, stupid, moron
she is more to have brain now

she married to a stupid guy
they both live miserably 
she is so stressed
then she commits suicide
that is a story a stupid girl

P/s: it is my fmw (five minutes writing)
i am so bored now in class
nothing much to say

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

--> great bear, little bear

hallo readers

this is a fairytale
Greek Mythology

taken from:

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


--> The Short Story of a Cute Bear


Once upon a time,
lived a cute bear named Doffie

She was so cute, the cutest in the jungle,
the heir to the throne of King Bear

His father was damn rich; the owner of Bear Grrrr King
a nice and humble king as well

One day, Doffie would like to buy a car
She wanted a BMW
Her father bought it, but she crashed it

The next day,  Doffie would like to buy a house
She wanted her own castle
Her father built  one to her, but she destroyed it

The next few days, Doffie would like to go to Paris for shopping
She wanted 1 Million Euro and her father gave his credit card but she spent all the money

One sunny day, Doffie wanted to get married
She wanted a handsome prince and her father found one
but there was a surprise

Who was his husband?
A bee and the prince

Because of the the pressure and stressful life, Doffie kept eating days & night
Her husband became thinner and thinner because his kingdom and himself 
can't provide more honey anymore

his husband died
and now
if you open Doffie's facebook
you'll see

Relationship Status:

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


Monday, August 16, 2010

--> The Tale of Orion

hallo readers

This is a fairytale a Greek Mythology

taken from:

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


--> when i say 'goodbye'

hi all


is a word
with meanings
what crosses you mind?

someone leaves you,

someone died,

someone breaks the tied,

it actually carries lots of meanings
how would you interpret it?
how would you use it?

sometimes in life
we really need to say/use the word

to something that we like
to someone that we love
to some dreams that we dream of

do not be afraid 

each and every GOODBYE
will be replaced with the word Hi

open our hearts to something new,
would be a good thing to do
it's satisfying and you should try it too

i guess this is the time for me
to say
to tell
to write

and see you in another

Hope you get it...till then, that is how