Friday, November 25, 2011

--> iGo Ice-skating & Bowling: Sunway Pyramid & Mid Valley Megamall


November 24, 2011 is a date that will never forgotten. It was the day me and my friends went out to have some fun after struggling with assignments and examination. Thirteen of us decided to go to Sunway Pyramid and Mid Valley Megamall the night before. So, basically it was lack of preparation but surprisingly it stroke the fun out of anywhere hahaha.

 Aliff, Me & Yazid at the bowling centre; Cosmic Bowl in Mid Valley...

 Me & Hazman...Why this photos has to be dark. I hate you poor

Farouk, Aliff & Yazid

 Me with the ice-skating shoes. It was totally exhausting and painful since I skated for more than an hour.

The scores...Mine was 109...Bad right? lol

We went to Ayam Penyet to eat...Let me swear, IT WAS DELICIOUS!

 The signatures of the celebrities who used to come over for the foods...

The foods...Basically, all ordered the same meals but I went for beef instead of chicken...and also cendol. 

This is the beef that I'm talking about. Sweet and nice! Eating with nasi kosong made it even more satisfying lol... You guys are recommended to drop by at this awesome restaurant in Sunway Pyramid...

 I love the decoration in the restaurant. It provides soothing atmosphere and calmness while enjoying the scrumptious foods. and the recipe is secret...shhhhhhhhh...

Aliff, Farouk and Me...Can you see the people at the back rushing in and out? It proves that this place is kinda busy with the customers who come non-stop...hehe

 Me after tired of walking and skating and other verbs that you can name... We went back to the campus at 10.30 p.m after 9 hours spending quality time together...

In front of GSC Mid Valley...What a lovely lighting...

Aliff, Sidqi, Hazman, Hong, Mejah, Abul, Yazid, Farouk, Syafiq, Rizal (me), Acab, Aiman & Azham...
 13 of us all together and I am definitely gonna miss this moment. May it lie deep in my heart and will never be lost, just like a tattoo...

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

--> iLepak @ IKEA and The Curve


 IKEA famous meatballs...wallah! Considering that I was starving. The yellow jelly in the box is custard pudding. You guys should try of course.

 Me, Farouk and aliff...I saw the difference in me. I've put on weight. It is snapping time while waiting Acab to come out from Watson.

 At Daiso for gloves. We are going for ice-skating today in Sunway Pyramid. Yahoo! However, I did not buy the glove I wear in the picture. Farouk suggested me to buy fully black glove with no white dots.

I will definitely going to miss both of them...They are among the best seniors that I have ever had. Anyway, they will be teaching next year and good luck for that brothers!

Me and Farouk again...I would say that he is one of my idols. He is my friend, brother as well as my teacher! thank you for eveything!

Aliff and Acab..Owwwwww...they looked like brothers with the same colour of shirt but major different in skin complexion. lol. 

It was indeed a great night last night. Spending time with Farouk, Acab and Aliff was an awesome way of releasing the tensions that mingle around the atmosphere lately. Assignments are almost finished and holiday is just around the corner. What a brilliant move. Oh ya, I saw Shaheizy Sam hanging out having coffee or whatever...smoked cigar and chit chatting at Chocolate. 

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


Saturday, November 12, 2011

--> iNews: Pembunuhan Beribu Dolphin


Ianya berlaku di Denmark. Banyak Dolphin spesis Calderon dibunuh setiap tahun, bertempat di Pulau Feroe. Pembunuhan ini dilakukan oleh muda mudi bagi menandakan yang mereka sudah cukup dewasa. Spesis dolphin ini adalah antara yang paling bijak di dunia sebernarnya.

Dolphin yang dibunuh tidak mati secara terus tetapi secara perlahan-lahan. Ianya akan dipotong 2 atau 3 kali dan akan kedengaran suara jeritan seperti bayi yang baru lahir. Kesian sangat kan? Korang nak tahu mereka bunuh guna apa kat atas tu? Guna CANGKUK!

What is happening to the world? Where is WWF? Where is the authority of this country who should stop this matter from happening as an annual event? For the record, the species are cute and intelligent; probably smarter than those who kill them. 

Tolong sebarkan berita ini ye..Stop animal abuse!

Hope you get it..till then, that is how


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

--> iFun Mr. Bean Dalam Pelbagai Versi


Edward Cullen




Adik Mr. Bean

Jack Sparrow




Red Indian


Elvis Presley

Mr. Bean dan anak perempuannya

Sumber: Klik di sini

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

--> iMakan @ Kenny Rogers, Amcorp Mall


 and now..
...with Farouk

Hope you get it...till then, that is how