Friday, November 5, 2010

--> Birthday for a Big Boy


It was long long time ago, in ancient time (motif la sgt), a small little baby was born on November 4th 1987. He looks like Michael Jackson or Prince (both are quite similar) and he is the combination of the two with better appearance (pujian ikhlas).

Yesterday was his 23th anniversary  and he is now a grown up boy! Well brought up! Nice and kind

The condition:
A small tidy room, light-off, rose candle was lit, big apple donuts, a birthday song by Flipsyde (Happy Birthday), some birthday hugs, huh! It was a success surprise! There were three people (including me) in the room celebrated his very special birthday and he was touched; his face was exactly like this!
jgn marah ye saudara
They were talking many things since I am the only junior. What could I do was listen, listen and listen (nyampuk kena marah ngn ratu). We talked about: his birthday, they called themselves a "ruler", firaun (pharaoh), rambling and cursing and I gotta tell you, it was fun!!! ^^

Then i jumped into a conclusion senior: "we have millions of secrets", more than millions I think and none of the stories are positive. lol. Anyway, here are some memorable captures and a giant appreciation to Ijat he was the mastermind.

comel sgt

muka terkezutt

sedap la tu

P/s: the picture of the big apple with the birthday boy

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


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Mira Best Blogger Tips said...

Bertuah senior awk dpt junior mcm awk kan? supportive sgt!

Khairi Best Blogger Tips said...

I love reading your blog n this entry is entry is very sweet..btw, u blajar mane? semak je bilik tu? hehe

.:rizaL:. Best Blogger Tips said...

Mira: Thanks 4 stoping by
Khairi: IPG Kampus Bahasa Antarabangsa..tu bilik senior..haha...semak? xla..kemas je bilik dye...

Anonymous Best Blogger Tips said...

alalalaaa... tenkiu shayang!! it was a real successful surprise, indeed. ngengade kate nk tdo awal la, ape la.. skali ade sweet raspberry-scented candle with some choc flavored donat yg sedap.. so again, i'd like to take this opprotunity to express my meilleur gratitude and loves to u my dear.. and incase if u're still wondering, yes, i Luv u~