Sunday, April 8, 2012

--> iMakan Ala-Ala Jepun!


Me, IQram, IKram & Alexs went to Mid Valley and Times Square to get our hair done and to eat obviously. We also went out to search for the locations for our documentary on culture. We have chosen foods as the theme and this is going to be exciting and wallahhh!

Unagi Bento Set. For those out there who don't speak Japanese (as if I do lol)..Unagi means eel, yeahhh eel. Alexs ordered this set but I ate half of the unagi because he didn't like it. Om nom nom...Alexs ate two meals which were this set and Spaghetti carbonara. Eating is his hobby, yeah for sure! haha 
The first picture is Salmon Teriyaki Set. ordered by IQram. Nothing different with the Unagi Bento Set except for the part that it was salmon, not unagi. I hate explaining this unimportant matter lol. The second picture is Claypot set. I don't really know what was inside the claypot but I bet that was chicken. IKram ordered this and he was eating non stop including the unagi one haha...what a tummy dude!
I would say that these were my deserts just now. LOL. I just couldn't resist sushi and Tako in  Jusco Mid Valley because they have this one x-factor which seduces you right away when you pass in front of them.
I know this is not Japanese cuisine but it was my pocket money anyway. It's up to me autonomously to eat whatever I want. Repeatedly mentioned that I love Carbonara very much and this food court offers you one of the best Spaghetti Carbonara that you've been dreaming to fill your stomach with.
Bila dah habis, macam ni la jadinya, tak kemas dan tak teratur.. Who cares? We paid to sit here and do the mess haha. 
Me...Muhamad Rizal bin Sadiman
IKram Mohd Fakhri

Alexs Nuk

IQram Khalid

I think there's nothing much to write since I've mentioned the purposes of going out with them. Oh ya, all the foods mentioned above are available in Mid Valley Megamall food court. You can search for them and they are very cheap as well.

One thing about this food court is that, it might not be that popular, grand or expensive but believe me, the foods served here are worth eating. They are delicious, cheap and you will never regret. It has been one of my favourite eating spots since it has so many cuisines to offer; be it Malay, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Western and so many more. Just go there and grab it people!

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


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