Wednesday, November 23, 2011

--> iLepak @ IKEA and The Curve


 IKEA famous meatballs...wallah! Considering that I was starving. The yellow jelly in the box is custard pudding. You guys should try of course.

 Me, Farouk and aliff...I saw the difference in me. I've put on weight. It is snapping time while waiting Acab to come out from Watson.

 At Daiso for gloves. We are going for ice-skating today in Sunway Pyramid. Yahoo! However, I did not buy the glove I wear in the picture. Farouk suggested me to buy fully black glove with no white dots.

I will definitely going to miss both of them...They are among the best seniors that I have ever had. Anyway, they will be teaching next year and good luck for that brothers!

Me and Farouk again...I would say that he is one of my idols. He is my friend, brother as well as my teacher! thank you for eveything!

Aliff and Acab..Owwwwww...they looked like brothers with the same colour of shirt but major different in skin complexion. lol. 

It was indeed a great night last night. Spending time with Farouk, Acab and Aliff was an awesome way of releasing the tensions that mingle around the atmosphere lately. Assignments are almost finished and holiday is just around the corner. What a brilliant move. Oh ya, I saw Shaheizy Sam hanging out having coffee or whatever...smoked cigar and chit chatting at Chocolate. 

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


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