Tuesday, September 7, 2010

--> gloomy eid: i don't like it

salam akhir ramadhan

this year's eid
wont be the same like previous'

i was waiting for
i wasn't

several weeks ago
in my campus
i was enjoying the times; each & every moment
laughing, chatting, facebooking, even walking with friends

then i got back home here in perak
i am sooooo not feeling good...at all!
what person am i being now?!!!
i am supposed to be happy

but please...
don't jump to conclusion that fast

don't blame me
i have reasons for those acts

1st: my sister & brother won't be around this eid
2nd: my dad is not in a good condition like he used to
3rd: my baju raya! - zip it!

i hate this feeling
hate it so much!
i can't wait for this feeling to vanish
i can't waith for this feeling to disappear
i want my own happy feeling back!!!

i am sooooo glad and grateful
because holidays are short!
sorry guys...for this time being
i am happy with short holidays!!!

i hate this feeling
i hate this years' eid

ya Allah
please guide me through
please show me through
please make me patient
i can only rely on You

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


3 Gossips/Comments:

Anonymous Best Blogger Tips said...

same ar ak pn.....ingt nk blik awl ipba 6t....huhuhu

NorFa Best Blogger Tips said...

dear ijai...sabar ok..ur dad isn't well rite?k.nor hope dia akan cpt siht ok?sbr ye dik..ada org lgi truk keadaan mereka..atleast u still cn bersama ur family..:')

Azham Vosovic Best Blogger Tips said...

Sabar ye Ijai for your dad...kirim salam to him later.