Friday, February 3, 2012

--> iTengok Pusaran di Tanjung Tuan!


It was the a program held my Administration of Students Affair of IPG-International Languages Campus. The main program was kayaking and we had to pay RM35 each. Unfortunately I couldn't find any photo during kayaking activity.
Early in the morning...our journey took more than an hour from KL to Port Dickson. We stopped for a while at petrol station to withdraw money and buy snacks.
At time we arrived, the shore was empty, surut habis...haha, so we had to wait for the sea level to rise. I hate tide lol. Only then, we were able to do kayaking.
 Srikandi...All of them are now teaching; Kajian Sosial and French.
The Otai...The guy in blue is Mr. Thahir Kamaruzzaman. He was once the officer at the administration and he retired last year. Such a great, humble and friendly man.
 Me...Muhamad Rizal bin Sadiman.
We were on our way heading towards Tanjung Tuan or Cape Rachado (the name was given by the Portuguese) to see the famous legendary 'pusaran' or whirlpool.
The front gate of Tanjung Tuan. We were supposed to pay RM1 each but we were lucky that day for not needing to pay the entrance fee. Alhamdulillah...
 This is the lighthouse of Tanjung Tuan.
We were very happy after 20 minutes of walking. The weather was totally hot! The sun was very mean that day but we were meaner lol. By making this far was an achievement of a lifetime haha.
Can you see the whirlpools? I couldn't, so unfortunate. According to myth, there was a fisherman managed to get through the brutal whirlpools. He was the only one who survived while the others were nowhere to be found. They all went messing. The whirlpoosl is said to be brutally rotate during fool moon. Hair-raising ha?
 Some of us were posing like models of the magazine.
 While some were just sitting overthere, doing nothing; we were actually hiding from the sunlight.
 Heading back to the shore.
The final blow is the photo of us together. There we 40 of us actually but some couldn't make here. Anyway, thanks to Aman Rasidi for the photos. It was a splendid experience indeed.

Wanna know more about Port Dickson and this awesome spot, do visit this travel blog; Travelog air & sha.

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


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