Wednesday, April 22, 2015

--> 5 Things I Learned Since January 2015


I sent my Final Year Project on the 9th January 2015 and after that, my life has never been better. I am now patiently waiting for the convocation day which will be held on the 31st October - 3rd November at the Great Hall of the UPM. Anyway, after submitting the FYP, I stayed at home for about two weeks and because of the extreme boredom, I seek for a job and I got it. Since then, rainbows and dirts started to take place but the famously known quote 'Life goes on' keeps me standing still. Here are the 5 things I learned up till today.
1. Redefining the term 'Friendship'.
Maybe because of my personality, I adapt easily to the new environment without any hesitance and I mingle with everyone without having to be choosy and whatnot. However, things started to change when a friend of mine whom I've known for more than 5 years confessed something which left me clueless and tickled. The content of the confession is rather trifle but the truth does hurt at some point. I learned a valuable lesson in life which, even your close friends might hurt you without you knowing what you did wrong...and to think that I barely talked to them for the past two final semesters, being backstabbed for what I would like to call "Why do you talk about me behind my back despite being so religious in public?" that was merely pitiful and forlorn. Because I couldn't handle too many updates and drama, I left. Those who mark permanent scars in your hearts might deserve the second chance but to treat them like you used to is something you should steer clear from.

2. The enjoyment vs The pay.
When I decided to embark on the teaching profession, all I thought was the handsome pay that the government will pay me every month. That is one of my biggest failures so far. Yes, money is one of the most important aspects to be considered when you're 23 and starting a new life but how about the enjoyment along the way? Some people think that I can be a good teacher but deep down inside, they have no idea how I truly feel about teaching. The nerve-wrecking feeling that keeps on bothering me when I start my lesson, the worries that tell me to go back in time and so forth. I'm more like a duck, calm on top but paddling like hell underneath. Apart from that, the enjoyment also comes in the form of supportive colleagues. You hit the jackpot when your colleagues are the best people to be around with and when that happens, everything else will seem so small. Thank God that SMK Bandar Utama Damansara & MRSM Jeli gave me amazing experiences. 

3. Appreciating good companies whom I took for granted.
When the university days are over, you're all by yourself again just like the day when you took your feet off the ground after SPM. My degree years were awesome and I have achieved so much. I grabbed most of the opportunities that came along and I ran with it. I wore my heart up on my sleeve and I strove to do the best in everything. However, I would have never done those without my great companies and comrades by my side. I might have taken them for granted at times without even noticing it and I am truly sorry for that. Today, I only keep my circle of true friendship small and steady. It took me 5 years to figure out who the real friends and the devils in disguise are but it is something worth to celebrate upon. There are times when it is too late for you to realise but 'Sorry' does work at times even though it is overrated and means nothing anymore. Lets start a new life with the old and new people! Unlike diet which starts tomorrow, new life starts today, this instant!

4. Never bottle up your feelings.
When you're too patient, some people might be taking advantages on you on purpose. Therefore, it is advisable for you to take over your feelings and be responsible for them. When you're being truth to yourself and the people around you, your world will be even much happier. Believe me, in life, we all want to hear the truth but we are often indecisive when it comes to consequences which will come afterwards. We're all afraid of how people will perceive our honesty because some people might appreciate us for being truthful but some will just walk away without giving any last words. I too have this thought dancing around my mind but again, life goes on and the people who come into your life will either teach your some precious life lessons or learn some priceless life lessons from you. However, don't burst on that particular person in public but do it personally via phone call, text messages etc. As saying goes, 'Honesty is the best policy'. Some people might get irked and displeased but at long last, they will see the reasons behind your actions.

5. Enjoy great foods while you still can.
This might be the most random among all five but foods keep you going on the daily basis but you need to watch over your intake because you don't want to be bed-ridden out of diabetic stipulations or any heart conditions. Call your friends and hang out by the beaches, lakes, rivers or wherever you're most comfortable with. Buy some foods, pin up some good topics to laugh and cry upon but put your phone down. Time passes like Bolt. One day you were having fun playing lego and monopoly and the next day you're already working and complaining how noisy kids can be. Chocolate is one of the sweet escapes to everything. I am obsessed with Cadbury, Subway and Chatime. Once in a while, I would go grab one of those or all of them at the same time and think about nothing else. If you like to be alone at times, go for it. Some personal time is what you need sometimes but make sure you have mouth watering foods and beverages with you.

Everything that I aforementioned above is basically from my own personal experience. My humble opinions on how you should live your life might not be practically suitable for you so adjustment according to your situations might be necessary. I am nobody to tell you this and that but I am of the advocate that in the end, life will leave you with Him. Hence, make sure you please the Creator, not so much the creations. Sorry if some of the words kill you directly or indirectly. Don't call this police officer;

Hope you get it ... till then, that is how