Friday, August 1, 2014

--> 1Malaysia. Start Asking, Stop Being A Racist.

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera.
With the overwhelmed racial issues going on today (if you really notice, mostly on Facebook pages), some of them are way too absurd to be accepted with a rational and sensible mind. Despite the slogan of 1Malaysia that we hold and promote, the prejudice that we (or some of us) have deep down inside is inevitable to remove.

It always starts with racial matters in question and will slowly go down to religious concerns...oh well, even worse if you bring the political occasion into the circle. Here is a formula towards a harmonious life in a multiracial country like Malaysia - We tolerate the differences and treat them as something special that we can be proud of. If you look closely, it is much similar to the theory of a good business, which is the manipulation of the drawback into an x-factor but of course, I don't mean to say that our multiracial element as a weakness, it's just another way to put it. Oh c'mon, you get what I mean right? :)

I read a comment asking, "Does the education fail to educate our society to stand together and unite?" I would like to propose questions to this question. Where does the education start? At school or at home? Nobody was born racist but we ourselves choose to be one don't we? Do you still remember the composition and 'karangan' that you wrote back in high school on how to be united and all? All those good points gave you A1 and A+ but if you fail to be truth to what you wrote, that's when you fail to educate yourself. Correct me if I'm clumsily wrong to put it that way. What is your opinion?

Recently, one of my lecturers said, "I like you guys because you are openly racist." Don't be so quick to judge. We are not racist as in 'RACIST'. We embrace the differences and pull a lot of inoffensive jokes but all of us are well aware of the boundaries for instances the customs and religion affairs. I once asked, "Oiiit, where are you guys going?" and my friends answered, "Mau makan pork haha.". Does it sound offensive? For me it doesn't. It's hard to explain it more, you have to be in our group to feel the joy :)

Some people find it sensitive to discuss and to ask the issues related to races and religions...that's when you go wrong. Malay proverbs, 'Malu bertanya sesat jalan' depicts the idea that you need to ask to know and to be conscious about something. For example, I'm a Malay and I always ask my friends about their cultures and beliefs. Some questions may sound stupid but if I don't ask, I won't know. Would it be objectionable to ask something that you don't know? NO! It doesn't, instead, it is an enlightenment. When you are enlightened, you'll feel the need to respect others because you want them to respect what you practise and believe as well. Am I right or am I am right? hehe. :)

That's all from me, Muhamad Rizal bin Sadiman, a future educator.

"You don't fight racism with racism, the best way to fight racism is with solidarity."

Hope you get it...till then, that is how