Monday, June 24, 2013

--> Jom Jengah Cawan Cafe di Alor Setar!


Alamat: 115 Kompleks Perniagaan Sultan Abdul Hamid, 
Jalan Pegawai 05050 Alor Setar, Kedah.
Tel: 047714707
Facebook: Cawan Cafe Facebook Page
Rizal Sadiman
Cawan Cafe. sedia menerima tempahan.
igossiprizal, rizal sadiman
Nasi Goreng. Oh looking gorgeous baby! I might eat you up later...
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Nasi Goreng Cawan Cafe Style, Sweet Sour Fried Rice and Hot & Crispy Chicken Rice. Dig in people! Drive to Alor Setar, Kedah now and drop by at Cawan Cafe. Yeahhhhhaaaa!
igossiprizal, rizal sadiman
Mexican Cheezy Bread. See, you don't have to travel to Mexico to eat this. Cawan Cafe kan ada...
igossiprizal, rizal sadiman
Mixed Fruits Salad. Now you can eat healthily. And there's Macaroni & Cheese. Looking good as well. Chicken Chop over there looks saucy and I will definitely try it!
igossiprizal, rizal sadiman
My favourite part. The beverages. Slrpppp! Mocha Blended, come to Papa!
igossiprizal, rizal sadiman
You know I can't put every photo of the food in one entry. So, why don't you check their Facebook page here; Cawan Cafe Facebook Page. You'll see every info and pictures that will make you dying to go there. Look at the Menu Book over there, yeahhh, flip it and water your mouth.

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


Saturday, June 8, 2013

--> iNews: An Interview with Captain James Anthony Tan of 1RTW


iGossip by Rizal, Rizal Sadiman
What is the background of 1RTW (1 Malaysia Around The World)?

Malaysian Youth Pilot Association (MYPA) was established on 28th December 2009 at Asia Pacific Flight Training (APFT) under Ministry of Youth and Sport. The aim is to channel professionalism status in further developing our aviation industry in Malaysia
MYPA is association comprised of more then 200 youth pilots across the country. This program is very important, because this is a program that could encourage youth to explore Asia and the world in the near future.
MYPA can par with other pilots all around the world that often explore the world and making world records in The World Book of Records. This program will be the first point of the pilot youth to organize more beneficial to the youth of Malaysia. Read more here.
iGossip Rizal, Rizal Sadiman
The maps. Some of the places that he dropped by.

iGossip Rizal, Rizal Sadiman
The Captain, the Prime Minister and the Air Craft
So I had the opportunity to interview him. Below are my simple questions and his answers. Check them out. One word, 'INSPIRING'. He is super duper nice and definitely inspirational.
1. What are the benefits that u get from 1RTW program?

The Largest Benefit of 1RTW was being able to represent Malaysia and showcase to the world our potential and the time we live in currently.

2. Who are your biggest supporters?

My biggest supporters are the people of Malaysia. We came together and made this dream a reality. It was a combined effort of everyone.

3. What are your comments about the young generation nowadays? What are the activities that u would like to suggest for them so that they wont waste their time?

Well we live in a golden age currently. Due to the massive push in technology we are able to do the impossible. We live in a great country and together we will get Malaysia into the first world Arena.

4. What are your hopes about this program?

To inspire a generation! I believe that the most valuable national recourse is the potential of it people. Regardless of where you come from you can make a difference. As a population we must move forward. Malaysia is ready the only question is are we.

5. Will you be giving talks nationwide?

I have been an acting Ambassador and Icon of Malaysia During 1RTW and of current events. Currently working on my next project. If you think 1RTW was amazing you have not seen anything yet!
iGossip Rizal, Rizal Sadiman
Captain James Anthony Tan. A young man who inspires us all.
Pilot's Background

Name: James Anthony Tan 

DOB : 04 June 1991 

Nationality : Malaysian

"Youngest Person to Circumnavigate by Aircraft, Solo" by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2013
"Youngest Person to Fly around the world Solo" By World Record Academy in 2013
"Man of the Year" By World Record Academy in 2013
"First Malaysian to fly around the world Solo" By the Malaysian Book of World Records in 2013
“The Youngest Malaysian to Fly a Single Engine Piston Aircraft in an Expedition” by the Malaysian Book of Records in 2012

Check these sites for amazing journey and photos;

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