Saturday, October 11, 2014

--> 3 Stops: Strangers, Friends & Strangers Again

Perth, June, 2014.

They say, strangers are always the best listeners. I believe so too and I’d like to be someone’s strangers. You can literally tell everything to a stranger and it will for sure become one of the best coversations you’ll sit for. The best part is, you can add some spices here and there to fire up your stories but make sure that it won’t go out of the track. Oh come on, everyone does that at some point. Peace.

Strangers come and go but some stay as friends. For example, everyone was a stranger to everyone else when they first step on a new ground such as in the universities. I know nothing about my university friends a few years back but I know them now in and out…sort of. Some have become close friends of mine and one of them is my best friend. We shed laughters along the way and this journey is about to end soon.

The word FRIEND has the ‘END’ syllable in it. Perhaps, that is why they say again, friend come and go. Still about the strangers that I introduced above. Some of them stay as friends, some of them develop the bond and some of them break the bond and become strangers again. That is sad but that is also life. People leave and die.

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


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