Thursday, June 12, 2014

--> Perth in Pictures Part 3


I want to call today as Uni Day.
So we went to Murdoch University. It's a nice place to further your studies. I like the stress-free environment. It is much similar to UPM because it's green and it is well-known as an institution that prioritise the sustainability aspect. You'll see solar panels on the roof. There is also a Worship Centre which is used by all religions in rotation. For example, the Friday slot will be used by the muslims to perform the Friday and on Sunday, the Christians will use it for their purposes. 
Sight-seeing around the campus. We were pleased to have Mr. Nicholas, a Mauritian to tell the great stories that happen around the campus. 
I just love this photo.
Some presentations by Mr. Fozzil, Mr. Nich, Dr. Lisa etc. I love their presentations because you'll find diversity in term of the background of the lecturers. No wonder this university is famous for it promotes amazing multicultural understanding elements among the students and staffs. They also brought us to the Student Village and it's awesome! I'd love to dive into the swimming pool every morning!
Then, we went to Curtin University for Mamak Night. It is amazing that Malaysian students over here managed to pull out and make famous of the words 'Mamak'. Even the locals loved and enjoyed the foods that they sold along the corridors. I bought Yellow Rice with Rendang and some desserts for AUD7 and AUD2.50 respectively. I also met an old friend of mine, Zakwan who is apparently a student over there. It was a nice catching up with him.  
The the bus driver, Trevor Hicks brought us to watch this amazing scenery, Perth at Night.
After we came back, we hung out at the city to get the WiFi so that we could update our Instagram :)

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


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