Friday, October 10, 2014

--> An Open Letter To Those Who Read

There is always ‘I’m scared’  in ‘Let’s go!’. This is exactly what I'm feeling right now. I’m so geared to finish this course, ready to spread my wings and soar above the sky but of course, deep down inside, there is a voice that says “You’ll be alone when you start your new journey.” It’s very hard to describe this feeling in words but I guess most of us (or all the seniors) feel the same. 5 years and a half…struggling to reach the finishing line of a track that I hated back in foundation years. However, I was reminded in a roundabout way today that I was alone too the very first day I stepped my feet on this ground. Therefore, together let’s us embrace the trepidation, shine like the sun by looking at what we have become and together we make a difference that we have been complaining about. Are you with me?

To my juniors, degree year is the platform for you to try things that you have been wanting to try all this while. Take every small and big opportunity to show the world and to share with all of us what you have and what you are. Don’t be afraid to try because if you fail to seize the opening and occasion that might only pass by once, you’ll end up being someone who; 1) regrets over things for not trying and 2) complains about others who try and succeed because you think that your ideas are better, but by then, everything is too little too late. This may sound strident but ask any of your seniors because we have seen a lot. Just be bold and humble.

Besides, your are immensely lucky to be given the golden opportunity to be in this institute (IPG Kampus Bahasa Antarabangsa) and pursuing that courses that you're doing now. Why? Monthly allowances, great surrounding, supportive and resourceful lecturers...anything you can name. Look around you and think, why He chose you instead of others to be here? This might sound cliche, but yeah, things happen for a reason. Right now, with your eyes wide open, look for that reason. Just like the intrinsic worth of education, exploration is the key. 

On top of everything, never miss your prayers and always please the Creator more that the creations. For every failure and successful attempt, thank Him for He is the one who guides you through.

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


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