Thursday, March 6, 2014

--> My Alter Ego.

I will never believe if someone says 'I don't have an alter ego.' C'mon, there are times when you feel so mad or happy or indecisive or different and there you go...the other side of you will just rise up without you knowing it. Following that would be the poor judgement either cursing someone or making promises that you'll regret the next hour.

Frankly speaking, I have this alter ego that only some of my friends know. I bottle up my feelings most of the time but I heal fast...not so fast though, usually according to the situation that I'm dealing with. Lately, I have been so stressful that I curse people directly. I'm not the kind of person who uses profaning words to anybody with the intention of making them to feel! Nobody likes to be scolded at and pushed around like you are a robot with no feelings and emotions.

I would like confess something. I don't like this place anymore especially the incompetent admins. I know our program is new to you but you should have prepared something for us. Outline whatever we need to do and stop pushing us around like the victim during the slavery years. I remember the first day I went to UPM. It's a big place and yet, there was not problem regarding our program over there and even if there were problems, the lecturers and admins would never drag us into their ring. How professional is that? I got to admit that, 39 of us have been working our asses out to understand and to be aware of regarding the unsettled business that we need to complete before taking our feet off for practicum. This place is so small yet why are you guys making everything so intricate? 

There was once when I tried to gather the lecturers for a meeting because everyone was so blurred since the briefing was very subtle. It was freaking hard that I needed to raise my voice. I was sorry for that but you never learned the first time so I had to do it again to wake you up. I just couldn't accept the words, "I don't want to discuss with him/her/them because I don't like him/her/them." That was merely stupid. The way each and everyone of you pushes us around making us regret coming back. Even worse, I've explained repeatedly about this program to most of you but you always asked the same thing over and over again. Does it mean that you don't want to know or it is just so hard that you can't even comprehend? You asked for the timetable and dates so I gave, but you didn't even refer to any of them when it came to setting up the problems appeared because everything was hair-wired and disorganised. You are just lazy aren't you?

The most interesting part of the events was, "Don't compare UPM with IPBA." Wow! Magical words! Why and what should we compare? You are not comparable at all! I'm grateful for the opportunity to study here but not to you. 

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