Saturday, May 18, 2013

--> iBirthday: Amir Arsyad 1 Tahun!


Remember my blog post a year ago? Click here. Amir Arsyad is now 1 year old. He is cute, handsome, good looking, gorgeous, smart, funny and active  little boy. He always makes me smile and I really love playing with his cheeks. So soft and that dimple has the power to melt people...grrr..!
Amir Arsyad with Uncle Rizal, Uncle Aiman & Uncle Eirfaan.
Amir Arsyad and his birthday cake...Awww....
Us...Imran's (the father) and Aliaa (the mother) invited all their classmates to celebrate Amir Arsyad's birthday. So, this is us. Dear Amir Arsyad, you're so lucky to have awesome uncles and aunties. 
The boys. Imran, Amir, Hazman, Rizal, Fizur, Syahmi, Iqram & Shafik.
Amir Arsyad was tired. Time to sleep. 

Our moments with Amir Arsyad before leaving....Gonna miss you golden boy.
Taken from Aliaa's Facebook. Amir Arsyad with his birthday presents. 
The video that I made just for you Amir Arsyad...Enjoy!

Hope you get it...till then, that is how