Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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I never expected my blog http://igossiprizal.blogspot.com would be featured in the newspaper. I fact, I never imagined myself in the newspaper in one big page! This is quite an achievement don't you think? This burns my spirit and passion to write more. Anyway, thanks to Azham Vosovic because he is the one who asked me to blog. He is such an inspiration. 
Rizal Sadiman
Kelainan Bawa Manfaat. Kelainan apa tu?
The second newspaper, The Star. Yeahh..we are the stars. This article was written special for this year's Teacher's Day. Thanks to my lecturer, Madam Mallika for asking me and my friends to send our picture to be featured for this special issue. If you miss the issue, you can click this 'Their say on what make them stay' for to read it online. See...the power of technology.
iGossip by Rizal, Rizal Sadiman
Oh ya...you must have seen this photo before. Click here.
iGossip by Rizal, Rizal Sadiman
Read what we said about our memories of celebrating teacher's day and our hopes in teaching profession. Some of the memories are funny especially the one written by Alaina.
iGossip by Rizal, Rizal Sadiman
My classmate, Ruhan. He is from Iran. A very resourceful teacher.
iGossip by Rizal, Rizal Sadiman
Oh my! This is one of my favourite lecturers in IPBA, Mr. Manoharan a.k.a Abang Mano. He is funny, intelligent, inspiring and a good friend indeed. Actually, he is more like a dad to me. He always makes me happy with all his kinds words and wisdoms. I really admire him and hoping to be a great teacher as he does.
iGossip by Rizal, Rizal Sadiman
My senior in IPBA, Warid Mihat who is now a teacher in Gua Musang. His story deserves million tokens of appreciations. Read it. 
iGossip by Rizal, Rizal Sadiman
The writer, Madam Mallika Vasugi who is also my lecturer here in UPM for English Language Teaching Materials. You know what I like best about her? The comments that she gives. Each and every comment that she gives is ingenious because she herself is a school teacher. Thus, every word that come out from her mouth is based from true situation. There you go, authentic examples!
Hope you get it...till then, that is how


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依之汉 Best Blogger Tips said...

Next step, become a regular columnist in stream media?

Rizal Sadiman Best Blogger Tips said...

@依之汉 InsyaAllah..pray for me :)

||aLeaSaRa|| Best Blogger Tips said...

masa baca HM terkejut juga.then terus cakap dgn husband..eh nilah blogger yang saya follow he3...wah tahniah tau.....

Rizal Sadiman Best Blogger Tips said...

@||aLeaSaRa|| Oh really? Thank you so much for the kinds words you have there

gadisBunga™ Best Blogger Tips said...

you are going mainstream!!! yeah!!

Rizal Sadiman Best Blogger Tips said...

@gadisBunga™ hehe takda la kak..biasa2 je ni