Wednesday, May 1, 2013

--> iMakan Besar at Naili's Place


I won't write much this time because this entry contains a lot of pictures. Or should I write some comments? We'll see. Be careful of what you may see. 
Do visit their website
The entrance...4/5! Nice!
Who were there? Me, Arifah, Azham, Rina, Alaina, Amirul, Izzati, Kamal & Aliff.
The menu. Look at the price. OMG! I'll give comment on that later.
There are so many choices and it was hard for us to decide on what to swallow muahaha. Oh ya, those girls, they aren't what you think lol.
What Arifah had? Spaghetti Carbonara. "Super creamy", that's what she said. 

Chicken chop. RM19.90. Quite expensive right?
Well presented and well put together ABC. 95% for the presentation.
Nyonya Fried Rice. Hurmm..which part of it speaks the name? Where is the Chinese element?
Temasik Fried Rice. Hurmm...sounds Singaporean but I don't know...does it look like one?
Naili's Special Fried Rice. Super nice sambal. Me loike!
From the eyes of the cameraman. Loads of food.
This is the interesting part of the entry and the place. The PLACE. Its huge and the ambience is kidding! And there are a lot of a theme park. It is uniquely designed. Feels like in a super expensive restaurant.

Lets count how many sections they have.
1, 2, 3
4, 5, 6
7, 8 and 9. Where else can you find a treehouse in a restaurant? Do enlighten inform me...this is amazingly unique. But I don't think you can eat in the treehouse....or perhaps, you could ask for  permission.
My comments:

The price. The price is actually quite expensive...One of us said, "Nampkanya makan nasi putih jelah kita..." If they could reduce the price, they will get more customers I wait, who am I to give them suggestions and whatnot? Oh ya, I'm a customer and a customer is always right. Duhhh.

The taste. As you may know, I love going to Murni. You can search on my previous entries. I went there a lot. The taste and the portion are slightly better and more. Don't let me brag about the price.

The restaurant. Seriously, it is beautiful and well decorated. Massive thanks to Rina and Aliff who came out with the idea to come here even though we had price issue for a If you go there, please try every section and feel the different ambience it has to offer. You won't regret it...I promise. 

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


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