Saturday, November 17, 2012

--> iMakan Steamboat @ MAEPS


So, I went to MAEPS unplanned when Azwan Juperi asked me to join. I had my dinner an hour before he texted but I needed to eat because the foods looked totally tempting. You have to pay RM20 before entring this heaven :) It's worth it...believe me!
The Restaurant
Rizal Sadiman
The first thing you need to do is choose anything that you want to eat. So many choices, I couldn't think rationally hahaha. I didn't take photos of every food but once you go there, you'll be surprised.
Rizal Sadiman iGossip
The desserts...
You have cakes, foods, ais kacang, ice-cream and so many more..Sila lah pilih ye...Seriously, RM20 is  a reasonable price for you to pay because you have the whole night to fill your big tummy.
Rizal Sadiman iGossip
Drinks and more desserts. I drank green apple :) or was it sugar cane? I forgot haha.
Rizal Sadiman iGossip
These are basically 40% of what I had on that night. Don't judge me haha
Rizal Sadiman iGossip
The hungry face of mine. I could've eaten more but too bad my tummy was full.
Rizal Sadiman iGossip
Azwan, Azham, Ikram, Ifa & fatin
Check out this blog Terjah: MAEPS Serdang for more awesome photos of MAEPS, Serdang.

Hope you get it...till then, that is how


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Azham Vsvc Best Blogger Tips said...

Syukur...Allah murahkan rezeki kita untuk makan hehe...dan diberi kesihatan yang baik untuk makan dan terus makan hehe...

Rizal Sadiman Best Blogger Tips said...

@Azham Vsvc Syukur btul tu.. :)

Jik Kam Yong Best Blogger Tips said...

WAH! Are you a steamboat fan?

Rizal Sadiman Best Blogger Tips said...

@Jik Kam Yong about u?

Jik Kam Yong Best Blogger Tips said...

Not really. I don't find the food at steamboats filling. hahaha~~

Rizal Sadiman Best Blogger Tips said...

@Jik Kam Yong hahha that is so bad of u! u should feel it hahha

bistromaeps Best Blogger Tips said...

terima kasih byk2 kerana mengunjungi kami! ^^

Rizal Sadiman Best Blogger Tips said...

@bistromaeps Sama2 :)