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--> iFtar Ramadhan @ International Languages Institute


Iftar Ramadhan at International Languages Campus, Kuala Lumpur.
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Kami Bakal Guru Bahasa Inggeris dan Kajian Sosial. Jemput Makan!
Para ibu dan bapa sedang bergembira bermain bersama kuali, senduk dan sebagainya...They were cooking Nasi Afghanistan (aku tak tahu nama sebenar masakan tu tapi memang resepi dari negara sana). I was not really into it because my taste buds couldn't accept the distinguished taste and of course, my throat couldn't swallow it. 
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Meriah nasi dalam periuk tu...
Around the event...See the guy in green T? His name is Aryan and he has been working as the translator for Afghanistan students for so many years. He's very approachable and ready to share and answer anything that you might ask..Great man!
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These are the students who came to the event. IPBA has been organizing this kind of event since ever I guess. As long as I can remember, this annual event is always a success since it brings all of us (students, lecturers and staffs) together to strengthen the bonding. In fact, even the non-muslims students joined and obviously enjoyed it.
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Waiting for the Azan...
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The food...This one isn't Nasi Afghanistan...
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Me and Ameer Nurashid...Senyum la sebab satu minit lagi azan akan berkumandang...
Before going back, I hang out with Mera and Shameer. Dah bergelak ketawa cerita macam-macam bagai nak rak, Shameer had to go to a Tadarus Event somewhere in Cheras. Betul kan Shameer? And then one of my juniors, Sofea came and three of us shared ghost stories. Less scary because it is Ramadhan ha?
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eton Best Blogger Tips said...

meriahnya nasi... hehehe lapo la pulak.. hahahaha

Rizal Sadiman Best Blogger Tips said...

@eton Haha mana boleh! hahaha..tahan2 dugaan bulan puasa je ni

anif abdullah| AA Best Blogger Tips said...

sesekali iftar macam ni,meriah ye dak.. haha

rmai jugak warga IPBA eh?

Rizal Sadiman Best Blogger Tips said...

@anif abdullah| AA haha ilusi je semua ni..students ipba sikit je kot hhaa

Jik Kam Yong Best Blogger Tips said...

Been so long since I looked at IPBA! haha~~

Rizal Sadiman Best Blogger Tips said...

@Jik Kam Yong U can always come here