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This is my senior, Shy posing by the Olympic Rings reporting and supporting MALAYSIA live from the Tower Bridge London.

Olympic 2012 London
I got myself an Olympic Mascot...yeayy! Visit this site to create yours.

Check these amazing photos taken from BBC.. Click here for more.
All four countries of the UK were represented in song, as the show capturing the best of Britain began.
A video of James Bond - actor Daniel Craig - meeting the Queen at Buckingham Palace was broadcast to the audience. A helicopter then flew over the stadium to the sound of the Bond theme tune, as two figures parachuted out of the helicopter, one dressed as the monarch.
As if by magic, the Queen appeared in the stands at the stadium - part of a crowd of about 80,000 - amid cheers. 
The Oscar-winning film director added that it contains a celebration of the creativity, exuberance and, above all, the generosity of the British people". He said there were to be "no spectators - everyone in the stadium will be part of the magic".
Spectators lucky enough to get tickets to the £27m Olympic Stadium event braved the rain despite forecasters predicting dry weather ahead of the ceremony.
This is my personal favourite...Marry Poppins arriving from above. Click here for the full article.
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Ameerul Ashraf Best Blogger Tips said...

HAHA! kelakar pon ada masa perasmian pembukaan ni..
Mr Bean pon ader..
Yeay! olimpik da bermula. :D

Rizal Sadiman Best Blogger Tips said...

@Ameerul Ashraf Kan..? Habis terbaik la permbukaan dia. Kagum!

zacky786 Best Blogger Tips said...

woo~ james bond ! hidup lg rupa yer die.. huhu

Nazrul Ashraff Best Blogger Tips said...

tak sempat nak tengok. :(

Rizal Sadiman Best Blogger Tips said...

@zacky786 haha hidup la

Rizal Sadiman Best Blogger Tips said...

@Nazrul Ashraff utube ade uol

Azham Vsvc Best Blogger Tips said...

Pagi tadi I tengok hahaha....tak sabar nak tgk closing ceremony dia gak hehehehe

Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik Best Blogger Tips said...

one eye are everywhere!

Rizal Sadiman Best Blogger Tips said...

@Azham Vsvc Very cool right?

Rizal Sadiman Best Blogger Tips said...

@Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik haha glad that u knw this issue as well :)

R.T.W Best Blogger Tips said...

To tell you the truth, I hate aliens. What's with that one eye creature? They're just not real. Ghost is far better mascot. But oh well, British is one the major Illuminati conspiracy.

Hmmm... Anyway, I'm not into Olympics that much. Sport isn't my type although I love jogging. =)

Edy Fee Best Blogger Tips said...

bila mau update

Rizal Sadiman Best Blogger Tips said...

@R.T.W Yeahh i know..

Really? my life is just so based on sport ahha

Rizal Sadiman Best Blogger Tips said...

@Edy Fee Nnt eh..busy hee